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Welkom to my homepage

It did take a while, but finaly it is there. My new homepage, becouse of Mario PA3DII a good friend of me i did take a domain. Then i started my website. First i did it all in dutch and from time to time i have been working on my english pages for all my friends in the rest of the world. All what you see here is my place on the web and i am working on it when i have te time and efford to do it. I hope you all have a pleasend stay at my site. For sugestions i am always open. When i can i wil try to improve it.

11 september open day at The FRAG On saterday the 11 of september it was time for our yearly open day of the Friesian Radio Amateur Group. When ever you are in the Netherlands come by for a visit in Leeuwarden at the Avondsterweg 14. Open every friday from 20:00 until 23:00 local time.

look also at www.qsl.net/pi4frg

Bad Bentheim German / Dutch amateur treffen does take place every year at the last weekend from august. If you are near Bentheim around this time then go there it is sad to mis it.

Lighthouse Weekend Op 21 en 22 august we dit the yearly light house and light ship weekend and did have a wonderfull time at the island of Vlieland. Whith a small group we put PA6VLD on the air.

look also www.pe2rmi.nl

Dutch PACC
At the second weekend of februari is the PACC contest, i wil participate on our clubstation PI4FRG the Friesian Radion Amateur Group. and we will be running Multi-Multi. hope to hear you in the Dutch PACC contest. more info on www.dutchpacc.com.




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