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Welcome to my Hamradio Site page here you can find info on about the Hamradio station PA3FWZ this is the page where you can find my QSL info and stuf like that. I wil fill this page whith loads of stuf later but for a starter you wil have to do it whith the one it is now. I hope you all have a pleasant stay on my Hamradio page.


September open day at The FRAG It was a great meeting it was time for our yearly open day of the Friesian Radio Amateur Group. When ever you are in the Netherlands come by for a visit in Leeuwarden at the Avondsterweg 14. Open every friday from 20:00 until 23:00 local time.

look also at www.pi4frg.nl

Bad Bentheim German / Dutch amateur treffen does take place every year at the last weekend from august. If you are near Bentheim around this time then go there it is sad to mis it.





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