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Geocaching - you can find lots of info about geocaching at www.geocaching.com On that website you can find where the treasures are hidden and you can get downloads of waypoint files. I hope you all love what you get there and have fun whith Geocaching. I find it a great sport and it is good for your health to. most of the treasures are hidden in the best parts of the country's even places at your own location that you did not have the knowledge about.

Garmin Etrex Legend

For the Geocaching part in my life i use a Garmin Etrex Legend. you can find information on Garmin on their website at www.garmin.com and information on Geocaching at www.geocaching.com.

Geocaching is a fun sport and you get healthy while you are doing it. I do it for about 2 years now and already did have lots of fun. there are also member meetings. and Hunt events all trough the world.

You can also do some route navigation in the woods of Staatsbosbeheer. You can find info on Staatsbosbeheer on their website. It is only in dutch. www.staatsbosbeheer.nl there are also routes on www.wandelpad.nl
you can find more info on GPS at Garmin for url look above.

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